August 13th, 2003

Sierra Night

Solitary exploring

Dee, Jeni, Tyler, and Devon all went bike-riding together from nearby Kirra. I wasn't interested, so I drove over with them and then walked back along the beach to Coolingatta, which was both fun and peaceful. I did a little sightseeing and shopping around, and gave Mom a phone call.

Later that evening we just hung out as usual. Tim and Bob smoked on the balcony and solved the world's problems. Devon worked on his card game he was making about shipping and trading, which we all got to test out. It was fun.

That book on the table is a tiny little guide to Australian birds I scored at the bookstore today, which made me very happy, since Dee and I loved seeing all the birds but wanted to know their names. I also got a fish guide, which helped with some of the fish we saw on the scuba trip.

Oh, I forgot. I also went to a fruit stand today and got a pudding fruit to see what it was like, just out of curiosity (and also more passion fruits). It's basically this huge brownish-green leathery fruit about the size of a big grapefruit, packed inside with this loose, creamy brown matrix that looks EXACTLY like chocolate pudding. It tastes like it too, if a little bland. It had about ten huge brown seeds in it, wrapped in thin slimy husks. It wasn't bad, but I was the only one that would touch it.
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Sierra Night

Shrimp on the barbie, etc.


I've got a few minutes left in this internet cafe, so I thought I'd post a quick greeting to everyone from sunny, 80 degree Australia (in wintertime, mind you). Things are going well. I'm in the little town off Coolingatta. Want to know where that is? It's easy. Look at an Australia map, and follow the border between Queensland and New South Wales to where it hits the ocean. That's where I am. I can see the border marker and the ocean from here, just down the street.

We have just a few days left here, during which we will hopefully go diving once more, and also maybe take a day hike up to the top of Mt. Warning (remember the Mt. Warning from Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest? THAT'S the one!). Diving, you say? But of course. I GOT CERTIFIED. More on that later.

After that we'll drive back south and have a few short days in Sydney before heading back to America. Then it's a few days in Seattle, a few days on the coast with my family, and a direct drive over to Moscow.

Cheers, mates!

P.S. Scary Australian Thing #1: Condensed milk in a squeezable tube ("for occasional use").
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