August 21st, 2003

Sierra Night

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Well, I'm back in Seattle, ever-so-temporarily. I got back on Tuesday afternoon (having left Sydney on Tuesday morning, and arrived in San Francisco on Tuesday morning). The plane ride was uneventful, and although I was put out that all the lovely views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, and Crater Lake were ALL on the OTHER side of the plane, we looped over Seattle and I got great views of the Tacoma-Narrows Bridge, the Boeing plant in Everett where my Dad works, Lake Washington and the two floating bridges, Mercer Island, the water tower in Lake City, Nathan Hale, and Shorecrest (my high school). Neat. I probably saw my own house from the plane, although it would have taken more time than I had to pick it out (the lake is a good landmark). I look at maps enough that I'm quite familar with a bird's-eye view of my city.

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Match Girl

Looky what I did!

I made a community!

I just created a community for students at the University of Idaho. shaylith and soddcutter, please take a look and join if you're interested. I know neither of you will be here at UI this semester, but you're my only UI friends with livejournals. I've got the names of other LJ-ers that list UI as an interest, so I'm going to email them. If you want, when you join the commununity, you can select an option not to have the community posts on your friends page, if you're worried about stuff clogging it up.

I made it with school colors and everything! Whee!

("I am so smart! I am so smart! S-A-R-T! I mean S-M-A-R-T!")
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Match Girl

The waiting period

I just sent messages to 48 people, all of whom either had "University of Idaho" or "UI" listed in their interests. Now we wait to see who joins, to enrich the complex and lovely tapestry that will become the UI community. Or something.

I drive back to Moscow tomorrow, after I pack, load, visit Nana, and pick up Tyler. I'm already a little stressed and tense, although I'm looking forward to seeing my friends again (especially the ephemeral shaylith, soon to depart for Deutschland, and the ephemeral soddcutter, soon to depart for the east coast).

All those people I messaged are probably reading my journal now, trying to figure out what crazy person was invading their journals (especially the people that got messages posted as comments to their own poetry). I feel

Please don't judge me. >snif
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