September 19th, 2003

Match Girl

Why Nomenclature is Hard, Lesson 1

Observe this representation of genuses.

a. Macrotis, the Rabbit-Eared Bandicoot, a marsupial.
b. Microtus, shrews, very small rodent-like things (but not rodents, I don't think).
c. Macrotus, a group of bats, microchiropterans

I rest my case.

EDIT: Please let me adjust this entry in accordance with today's holiday.
YARR, me hearties! Cast yer eyes on this collection of these like-named lubber beasties!

Italics are for snivelling science-wenches! Walk the plank, leany-writin!
a. Macrotis</i>, the Rabbit-Eared Bandicoot, NOT a sea-goin' beast!
b. Microtus</i>, shrews, like tiny bilge-rats they are!
c. Macrotus</i>, a group of bats, flyin' bilge-rats!

Avast! Grog all around!
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Match Girl


Avast, me mateys. 'Tis rare that I'm wounded in the fingers by paper, but in the last seven days I've managed to sustain about 2 grievous wounds a day. More painful than a cutlass to the throat, they are.


(Methinks this match-wench is the most piratey icon I have)
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I have the power.


Of course, the best way to decide upon your political candidate of choice is to first establish which one looks most like Skeletor.

The man himself.

I'm not cultured enough to know who Maria Shriver is.

Sen. Joe Lieberman, Al Gore's running mate in 2000. Holy crap.

Evil again, for reference, since I can't get these to display side-by-side.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Senator John Kerry.

Ye gads, people. It's about time somebody figured this out.

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