September 24th, 2003


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On the VERY FIRST DAY of school this year, I accidentally left my blue ZIP disk in the computer lab in McClure. I came back several hours later and it was gone. I posted signs about it all over the lab, and never heard a thing.

Since then, I've been really careful to always check my area around the computer before I leave, so I don't lose another disk. I've been REALLY anal about it.

So of COURSE, yesterday, I forget to check (I don't know how or why), and I do it AGAIN. This time with my pretty green ZIP disk. THIS one has a lot of important information on it, including Friday's GIS assignment, so I'm going to have to do the whole thing over again if nobody returns the disk.

I came back to the lab this morning, first thing. No disk. No messages written on the board about it. THIS disk had my name and my email address written on it. I haven't heard a thing about it. WHY? WHY CAN'T SOMEONE JUST EMAIL ME?

And two weeks ago, I was making some copies in the library and left my ID card at the copier by mistake. Vandal services will MAIL this card to you if it's just dropped off in a mailbox. I never got it back. The library circulation desk never had anyone turn it in (and they were maybe...30 feet from that copier.

It sounds stupid, but I'm on the verge of tears about this. Three times now (which is REALLY unusual for me), I've lost valuable objects in such a way that made it REALLY easy for the finder to return them to me, and it hasn't happened. I've even offered, new disks. Nothing.

A few weeks ago, I stopped to pick up some papers that were strewn around one of the lawns on campus when I looked at the heading and realized it was a lab assignment for someone in my Population Ecology lab. I gave it to our TA. Nathan was so happy that someone had found the assignment and turned it in; he hadn't even realized it was missing.

Why can't someone show me the same fucking courtesy?
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Sierra Night


Ech. The Christian Fundamentalists again.

They set up by the Commons yesterday, two guys with big 10-foot signs, spewing all sorts of hateful propaganda about people God hates. They usually come once a year. They draw huge crowds--several hundred at least. Uncharacteristically, there were on campus AGAIN today. They set up in front of the library, maybe because the tall buildings made the accoustics better for shouting. When I first saw them, one guy was screaming at the top of his lungs at one member of a hacky-sack group, calling him a hypocrite for some reason. The kid just laughed.

Some poor girl went up to one guy, quietly handed him a small pamphlet, and walked away. He instantly read it, mocking her for being such a coward that she didn't speak to him...and when he read that it was some Mormon literature, the two men got into a yelling dialogue about how Mormons are worse than child molesters.

I try to avoid them, since I don't want to give them the attention they crave, and I don't want to listen to their nasty, hate-filled messages. However, for your entertainment, their signs yesterday had some helpful lists of people God hates. Here's a sample (I'm in there several times).

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Incidentally, my parents are awesome.
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