September 27th, 2003

Sierra Night


I was a little dismayed when I first got to Doc and Carrie's house this year, because the room that Tyler and I decided would be mine had the following problems:

1. Pink walls
2. Black and hot pink-striped curtains and matching breadspread (1980's lives)
3. An ultra-saggy, broken mattress. The kind that tried to eat Uncle Fester in the Addams Family.

I'm not painting the walls, but the other stuff I've put in the room has detracted enough that I don't notice the pink walls much anymore. The awful pink and black curtains and bedspread were the first thing to go, and the sheer white gauze curtains and my grandma's green and blue make all that look a lot better.

But the mattress was still dead.

Tyler and I put it downstairs and replaced it with his futon mattress, which helped a little, but not much because the box springs were dead too. I got used to waking up every morning with a sore back.


Tri-State is expanding, so Furniture West is losing its lease and will have to they're selling a ton of inventory. Last week Doc and Carrie went there to get some new bookshelves, and...they picked out a new mattress for my bed!

It was just delivered today (and the delivery men very kindly got rid of the old stuff for us)! New box springs and new mattress. Nice and firm, so my back muscles stretch comfortably when I lies down rather than lying in a flaccid puddle near my kidneys. The padding on it is also very comfortable. It's also a little taller, so I fully expect to fall right out of bed tomorrow. It also smells a very little bit like mangoes.

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Amusing side note

The Christian fundies were back AGAIN yesterday, for the 3rd time. They were really pissed this time, because they'd only converted 2 people on campus in 3 days, and that's our fault. So they degenerated into yelling random insults at passers-by. Loudmouth women were one of their targets this time, probably because all the women that listened to them weren't humbly agreeing with them on the spot. I wonder if loudmouth men are okay?

They also talked about hating "pot-smoking tree huggers." HOWEVER, one of those guys said on Tuesday that he likes tree-huggers "a little bit." Which makes him...a HYPOCRITE.

(They love accusing everyone of being hypocrites).

Anyway, I had just given blood and had a big bandage on my arm. One of the guys saw it, and I wondered if he was going to use it as a segue into talking about the blood of Jesus, when I had a thought.

Knowing how much blood is in a human body, and knowing that I've donated to the Red Cross over 5 times, the INBC 2 times, and many times at Puget Sound...

...I've actually shed more blood, ounce for ounce, than Jesus. ^_^
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Sierra Night

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Hm. This seems just about right.

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