October 21st, 2003

Sierra Night

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Rule #1: You shall not name a creative-looking wall lamp FLABB.

Rule #2: Considering that it is a children's lamp, it shall never, never look like this.

I mean, holy crap.
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Sierra Night

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Oh, fine.

So here I am, missing the cool temperatures and drizzle of my hometown. Then suddenly Seattle gets a day of record rainfall...floods, streets awash, mudslides, sinkholes, the whole works. The stuff I miss, y'know?

So I think that hey, maybe some of those clouds will make it over the Cascades and dump on us over here. It's happened before. I've driven out of Seattle often enough that I've been hit with the same storm I left that morning.

Instead, Seattle stays wet, and our dry, gray skies burn out, and we get hot, burning blue skies, not a single cloud, and the temperature jumps about 30 degrees. It's 80 over here today.

My own city spites me! I am being spite-ed.

Spitened. Spitered. Spit. Um.
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Sierra Night


My mom came and visited me this last weekend. I miss her. :(

She drove in on Thursday afternoon. I showed her my room (she loved it) and we went and had dinner together at Casa Lopez (I had the leftover spinach enchiladas tonight). Then she took me out to Hastings and bought me a few books (happy sigh). On Friday she met me at school at mid-morning, we had iced mochas, and I took her to the mammalogy lab (for studying)* and then to my anatomy and GIS classes. She thought they were awful, so I felt a little vindicated. We went to the bookstore. I got some art supplies, we found a great shirt for Jason, and she saw some books she wanted (I noted for later).

We went home after that and I studied for a while, and then we went out for Chinese, talked to Kim in the parking lot for a while, and then went to the Co-Op...and my mom bought me groceries. Lord, did she ever buy me groceries. I don't think I've ever FILLED a cart before. Toilet paper, bananas, mushrooms, cereal, soy milk, oatmeal, soup, cocoa, tea...I am fed.

On Saturday, I toured her around the Farmer's Market, we went to WinCo and to the furniture store to look at their closeout stuff (we need chairs), and took her for a peek at the organic farm. Doc was terracing his front slope this weekend, so Tyler helped him move railroad ties and dig/bolt them down, while I shoveled and moved dirt into the fills. Mom relaxed with her book, which she really needed. We spent lots of time walking around the neighborhood, catching up on stuff, talking and listening to each other, and just mostly having fun and making each other laugh...a lot.

I wanted her to stay longer, but she left on Sunday (she said she had a lot to do). We wandered around town a little (she loves looking at all the old houses) and found me some almond syrup before she left (Mom loves to get things that make me cozy and happy).

And then she drove out. I was down for the rest of the day, missing her and her hugs. Nobody interacts with me quite like my mom. Moms are nice to have around. I miss access to mine.

*Let it be known that despite the agony and the yards of memorized scientific names, I am rocking this class. I just discovered I've got a 96% in lab. Oh yes.
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