October 27th, 2003

Sierra Night


Tooth broken.

Wore my mouthguard last night to keep in in place. It doesn't feel loose anymore, but over the course of the day it became super temperature-sensitive, to the point where it's hard to talk because of the chill of the airflow.

Had to call home to find out which dentists here would cover me. I think I've either exposed a nerve or fractured the tooth. I made an appointment with a recommended dentist in the meantime, but it turns out he wasn't covered. Other dentists are now closed because I had to stay late at school for a worthless review session. I left a message with two of them and I'm crossing my fingers that they can get me in tomorrow as soon as possible. Must cancel appointment with other dentist.

I know it's childlish, but I feel like crying. I like my teeth, I hate it that I've permanently damaged one, it really hurts and I can't make it feel better, and now I'm freaked out that sometime before tomorrow, it's going to break further and get worse. This week is hard enough. I really, really do not need emergency dentistry on top of it.
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