November 3rd, 2003

Sierra Night


I'm (very slowly) trying to get my Australia journals together. Here's links to the first week of them. Some have pictures (more are coming). It's fun and interesting and maybe even funny (I hope) I'd love for you to read them, but if you do, please leave a comment here and there so I know someone is. :)

Directory and departure
Exploring Sydney
Excursion to Manly
Barramundi and Bats!

Departure for the Gold Coast
Settling into Coff's Harbor
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Sierra Night

>shakes fist

Next semester I'm taking 5 classes. All are offered ONLY in the spring, and that's my last spring semester, so I HAVE to take them then.

It's 16 credits, which is higher than the average but blessedly fewer than I usually take. However, my last semester in the following autumn will have so few credits as to almost present a problem. THAT's a first. I was looking forward to it.

I just now found out that one of those autumn courses (International Land Preservation Systems), which was autumn-only, has now been recently changed to SPRING-ONLY.


That would put me at 19 credits next semester, and I can't do that again. I refuse. No. I need to go in to talk to someone about making a substitution or something. This is their fault, they changed it, and I have had my schedule meticulously planned for the past three years. No.
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