December 24th, 2003

Sierra Night


My little brother might have glaucoma?!

I'm taking him to the eye doctor again next week.
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Sierra Night

Slight Reminice

I was so busy in the last few weeks of class I didn't have much time to post about what was going on.

Back at school a few weeks ago, all the offices in the huge Admin building on campus had a big contest to see who could do the best job decorating the doors for the holidays.

There were lots of neat doors...most with some variation on butcher-paper snowmen or cutout snowflakes. But one group outstripped them all...the DFA tech support office.

Their office was big enough that they had two adjoining doors, which gave them a push, but the design itself was unmatched anyway. Each door was surrounded with sparkling garland and twinkling Christmas lights. Both doors were covered in wrapping paper. One door had a life-size snowman design made out of old CD's, while the other had a huge CD Christmas tree, from which hung an old keyboard with all the keys ripped out and replaced to spell "MERRY XMAS FROM DFA SUPPORT."

To top it off, each door in the Admin is unusually tall, and has a square window above it. DFA used old CD's to build platforms under under each window, and then ran wires under the window to feed two computer speakers sitting on the platforms above each door, blaring Christmas carols into the hall.

It was merry.

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Match Girl

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I may eschew the computer tomorrow in favor of Christmas and familial whatever, so Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. :)

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