January 8th, 2004

Match Girl

Political Stuff

First, I highly encourage you to check out http://www.bushin30seconds.org/. They're running an anti-Bush ad contest right now and have narrowed the 1,500-some submissions down to 15, all of which I've viewed so far are extremely good. Please check it out. I'd be happy to discuss the relative merits of any.

Second, cut for your convienience, an email forward I received. I know some of the items aren't true across the board, but I thought it was amusing and mostly consisted of some very good truths and eye-catching comparisons.

So You Want To Be A Republican?Collapse )

Also, as of this moment, Pat Robertson is no longer allowed. Thank you.
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>stomps off to find Stanley knife<

EDIT: How come I get the mood icon above when I entered an unknown mood in "Other"?
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