January 10th, 2004

Sierra Night

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Although I'm a little sad that I haven't gotten to rest up as much as I wanted on this break, it IS satisfying to go back and review what I do over the course of a day. Yesterday, for example.

*Get up at 7:30
*Attend to foot blister
*Attend to bleeding
*Have breakfast
*Change foot bandage
*Go to the grocery store
*Fill a prescription*1
*Come home, put groceries away
*Secretly plant daffodil bulbs in the front yard while nobody's home
*Make cornbread
*Make inagural loaf of bread in new bread machine
*Work on art project
*Strip bed, wash bedding, remake bed
*Finish cutting quilt pieces (for now)
*Piece some quilt arcs
*Finish sanding Grandma's rocking chair
*Jenna arrives
*Make dinner for Jenna (spinach pizza, steamed broccoli and mushrooms)
*Visit with Jenna, wash dishes, eat cornbread
*Drive Jenna home to Queen Anne.
*Come home, clean, shower.

1. it was nasal spray, as prescribed by my doctor for my scratchy voice. The alternative was to see a throat specialist, which entails a grusomely invasive examination of my vocal cords by way of my nose. I chose the spray. I read all the directions very carefully, and then carefully sprayed twice in each nostril with the cap still on.
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