January 13th, 2004

Sierra Night

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Well, here I am back in Idaho. Tyler and I drove out here yesterday and got back just around dusk. We made good time, considering the really heavy fog that blanketed most of the Columbia Basin. It was starting to make me sleepy, which was worrisome. Luckily, the pass conditions were very good.

I picked Tyler up at the airport on Sunday night, which was a semi-epic affair that left us both fairly angry.

It sucked.Collapse )

We loaded up the car the next morning and drove to the U-district for a quick stop at Gargoyles. I have a winged wolf from Gargoyles of which I'm very fond, and we bought a second one as a Christmas gift to the Bitterwolfs (they loved it). Tyler also got a gargoyle friend to take home.

As we drove out, suddenly, my good friend Jenna from high school ran across the street, having recognized my car. She jumped in the back and we talked while I drove around and got gas, but we eventually had to dump her and drive to Idaho.

Doc and Carrie have been rearranging their basement, so all the stuff Tyler and I stored down there had been moved upstairs, so we've spent the last 24 hours unpacking and finding room for stuff. I'm also making my 2nd loaf of Bread Machine bread, a neat little honey-banana loaf. I'm hoping it won't taste as bland as the egg bread, but my hopes are high.

Now I'm going to warm up some dinner and veg out with a movie. Our last night of freedom before school starts.
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1. My weekly schedule this semester is perfectly symmetrical.

2. My symmetrical schedule forms a happy face.
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