January 28th, 2004

Sierra Night

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Want to know what it looks like when a golden eagle tries to take off from the snowy ground with a heavy blue grouse kill?

(Courtesy of Jim and Holly at Taylor Ranch)
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I was talking to Kim in Wildlife Management today, and she mentions that she got an email from Kevin Pullen, our Ornithology professor from last spring who for many years managed WSU's Connor Museum.

We met Kevin for dinner last September and shared pictures from the summer. Kevin's an excellent photographer and I wanted to have him over for dinner at some point so I could see his portfolio and maybe pick something out.

Anyway, Kim said that Kevin said that his sister (?) was coming over to visit soon, and was going to throw a lingerie party at Kevin's house, which is evidently something that she likes to do. I'm sure it's in a similar context as a Tupperware party, where you buy stuff, not where you thow lingerie at each other, which was my first mental image.

Kevin said his sister was looking for women to attend, and wanted to know if Kim was interested, or anyone else she knew (I'm not sure why I didn't get the email too). Kim said yes, and wants me to come, which I will. Maybe I'll find something slinky and interesting, but I'll also get to go see Kevin's pictures.

But see, the abridged version of this is that I'm going to my Ornithology professor's house for an underwear party.

I am so weirded out.
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Sierra Night

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Of course, the other reason I wanted a devil duckie was to keep this thing in line.

We found it in the linen closet in our bathroom upstairs. It freaks Tyler out quite a lot, but I've lately taken to keeping it on the threshold of my door to keep out evil spirits, and cats. I think my dragons are getting upset, what with all the lack of stuff to chase in there now.

It's made of hard plastic with some heavy rattling thing inside, probably to keep it upright. It's just not right.
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