February 24th, 2004


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The neat thing about living with a professor who was born and raised in Louisiana is that those people tend to have 15 lb bags of Mardi Gras beads in their closet.

Tyler and I have taken the appropriate action of festooning the apartment before Doc and Carrie get home. Tyler decorated Doc's Wineglass. I got the sink faucet, the light fixture, the doorknob, the keyboard, Carrie's stapler, the mug hangers, the toaster oven, the fridge water-thingy, the milk jug, the lamp, the book Doc's currently reading, the toilet, the toilet-paper dispenser, the hand towel, Doc's shoes, and the butter dish.


Let it be known that not even U.S. Customs is free from my ridicule, as the "Loss of Citizenship" information in Doc's old passport (official laminated U.S. passport, mind you, issued in 1994) includes the word "thge."

LOSS OF CITIZENSHIP. Under certain circumstances, you may lose your U.S. citizenship by performing any of the following acts: (1) naturalization in a foreign state (2) taking an oath, or making a declaration, to a foreign state (3) certain service in thge armed forces of a foreign state...(etc.)
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