April 30th, 2004

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Well, I'm in Seattle now. Tyler and I drove out of Moscow at 6:00 am yesterday morning and headed back, although for change of scene we veered onto Hwy 97 at Ellensburg, went over Blewett Pass, had lunch in Leavenworth (which Tyler had never seen, and we actually found some good non-bratwurst food), and then came home over Hwy 2 and Steven's Pass, which Tyler had also never seen. It was really nice. Gorgeous day.

We were home for a few hours, picking up big branches in the backyard from the monster windstorm we had in Seattle a few days ago...power outages, branches down (we lost part of our roof), and one house in the neighboorhood was struck by lightning and caught on fire, which never happens.

Tyler's dad flew in to Seattle that afternoon and picked us up at my house. I took him to Gargoyles, which he loved, then we drove to Devon and Stacey's house to say hello (in Bellevue), and then went to dinner at Thai Ginger, which was lovely. We tooled around the shopping center and had fun, just enjoying the weather. We went to REI and Bob and I sneakily got Tyler one of his graduation gifts without noticing. I tried to run up a down escalator and fell and scraped my leg and messed up my ankle, which is what I deserve. Ow.

Then Bob took us home, I crashed hard, and this morning Tyler and I packed up and went to Third Place Books really quickly for some books and camera film. Now we're just waiting for Bob and Grandma Jean to arrive, and then we'll all drive up to Vancouver. Groovy.

The dogwood is blooming.
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Can anyone post the link to that little movie of short clips of cats falling off stuff? I saw it floating around LJ months ago and can't find it, and now I've had a request.