June 3rd, 2004


"It's, a small world, AF-ter all..."

So, a few years ago, my friend bluemoonshark alerted me to the presence of a webcomic, Return to Sender. I read the comic and liked it. I thought the author, verabee was funny, and I used some of her pictures for icons (with permission). Because she was funny, I LJ-Friended her. Then I did what I so often do when procrastinating, that is, read my friends' friends. Her friends' friends journals were always entertaining, and I even ended up friending one of them, spinooti.

One of verabee's friends, erikamoen who I think is a past or present roommate, is both an artist and a lesbian. She recently wrote a very cool essay about meeting her girlfriend, Marni, and the struggles with coming out to her family. I never read the essay. but I did read the 40-page comic that included much of the essay with the art.

Well, I noted that on pages 12, 13, 16, and 17, she mentions a girl named Lynn Trickey.

Now, that's not a very common name. But I looked at erikamoen's profile, found that she lives in Seattle, and wondered. And I posted this comment:

"Hey, by any chance, is the friend Lynn Trickey you mention in the comic also from the Seattle area? I'm from Seattle, and I once knew someone with that name (she was in my high school, and we went to Italy together). I don't think it's a very common name. She has an older sister named Annie."

And erikamoen wrote back:

"Dude, she is!!! Small world!"

So, there you have it. Lynn, my roommate from Italy, bought-a-kilo-of-kiwis Lynn, younger sister of Annie Trickey, who was a year younger than me in high school and in Tattoo with me, is a friend of erikamoen, who is a roommate and friend of verabee, who writes a comic introduced to me by my good friend bluemoonshark, also from high school.

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I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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I am SO betrayed. Woe is me.
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