August 28th, 2004


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Thursday: I drive to Spokane with shaylith to help her get her laptop back, which had a broken fan.

Friday: My computer fan dies.

Farg. My fan broke LAST year and I took it to Cactus to get it replaced, which cost me around $25. I took it back there today, and now they have a flat repair fee, so it'll cost me around $45. For a stupid replace the one that THEY installed. Bastards all!

And don't anyone tell me what kind of fan to buy and how I can install it myself, because I don't know how, and don't have the time or patience or trust to get into it.

I'm having a grouchy day, because I ate too much for breakfast, because my fan broke and it's going to cost me money, because I drove it downtown and it took me 15 minutes of circling around to find a place to park (after seeing spaces that I was beaten to at the last minute at least three times), because I went to the farmer's market and wanted only peaches, and all peaches were sold out at every booth I checked, because my insurance company is billing me $275 for something they're supposed to cover (Hepatitis shot) and they're closed on the weekend so I can't call, because they won't talk to Mom on the phone because I'm over 21, and because Mom is upset with me. This sucks.

Although I harvested at the organic farm today and had a lovely time. Priorities, priorities.
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