August 31st, 2004


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Last night I dreamed I was Buttercup in The Princess Bride: The Musical. Everyone I know was also in it. For some reason, there were also these gigantic shiny flying red ants (props) for one musical number.

In other news, I WANT MY COMPUTER BACK. Also, universal health care.
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I have included a fairly obvious Star Trek reference in my first History assignment. Now to see if my prof has a sense of humor.

Until then...class. Then essay. Then maybe a letter. I have no time for anything ever.
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As I was leaving my History class, I got shoved up against some tall skinny freshman at the door. He was wearing a black band t-shirt, sneakers, and khaki shorts with the elastic waist pulled down juuuuust enough to reveal about 4 good inches of tight...white...underdrawers.

>_< Have we gotten over this "fashion" yet? Wake me when we do.
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