November 4th, 2004


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>in the dumps<

Yesterday my choice for president officially lost the election. Also, we discovered yesterday that Steve Brunsfeld, who would likely be my major professor for a Master's degree, has a mass in his lungs. Steve had cancer 8 years ago and recovered, but now it looks like it may be back, and it may also have metastitized and moved to his spine.

Yesterday was a bad day.


However, I am happy that Obama won in Illinois, and I am happy that Patty Murray was reelected in my home state, along with Jay Inslee and Jim McDermott (who appears to have gotten a landslide vote). I'm happy the monorail challenge failed and the gambling thing failed. Good things did happen. Also, don't forget this, in case you're considering bailing.

If things get heinous, like Bush institutes a draft or takes away women's rights to vote or something, I will move (and probably not to Canada, and probably not forever). But I love this country and this land, and it's going to take a lot more than a 51% vote for Bush to get me to leave. Besides, I'm an ecologist. I'm NEEDED here. Maybe more so now.

Do we have a new governor YET!??! o_O
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Your daily news dump

Bush: "I will be your president regardless of your faith, and I don't expect you to agree with me necessarily on religion," Bush said. "As a matter of fact, no president should ever try to impose religion on our society. ... The great thing that unites is the fact you can worship freely if you choose, and if you — you don't have to worship."

The word "necessarily" frightens me a bit.

Also, not unexpected. I'm so glad I voted absentee.

And finally, this article really concerns me (especially the last sentence). Does that mean from now on, our country will only elect Christian officials (or ones who claim to be Christian)? I mean, that's always been the case in reality, but never this clear a mandate. I don't have a problem with Christian leaders, but I do have a problem with making it an unspoken criterion for election...I think it will breed dishonesty and division.

I hope my Christian friends haven't been getting the wrong impression of me lately. I've just been railing against too many people claiming to be Christian without the most fundamental of the beliefs (like compassion).
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