December 26th, 2004

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Well, since the secret's mostly out, I guess it's time I came right out and said that I got an incredibly beautiful laptop for Christmas.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting anything for Christmas, what with Semester at Sea and all. I frankly deserved a flaming sack of dog crap in my bed for Christmas, and I think my parents were sort of setting me up to believe that, which was fine. When I came downstairs on Christmas morning, Santa had left me a very nice digital camera. It's a tiny one, not much bigger than a deck of cards, but it's got a very nice display screen, zoom, and lots of other little features (movies, a dock, all that). This means I'll save a bundle on film developing, obviously.

I got a flash stick in my stocking. :) It was hilarious, because our stocking-giving has petered out over the years, and Dad has said that he doesn't like doing stockings, so this year, I didn't put anything in anyone's stockings, and apparently, neither did anyone else...EXCEPT for Dad. So, everyone got a little but in their stockings BUT him. Mom almost died laughing.

I really thought that the digicam was the big surprise gift. After that, I got little stuff...some maps of the world, a few books Mom and I got together, some candy. Jason got me the extended ROTK for Christmas, as we'd previously agreed. Daddy surprised me with a kite I've wanted for years...a little single-line parafoil shaped like a box of crayons. I giggled madly for a good five minutes. I'm taking that kite and my Triad on Semester at Sea, for sure. Actually, wait, the books were funny.

Mom had had some book certificats she had to use up, so we went to Third Place Books a few days ago and she said she'd get me a few books. Jason had $9 left over from his own certificate, so he gave it to us to use. I planned to turn it around on him and spent it on a copy of Beowulf. When we checked out, Mom gave my books to the checker to gift wrap. However, she forgot to give them Beowulf, so I ran back a few minutes later and gave it to them, asking them to add it to our order. When we got the books back, there was a bundle of 3 books wrapped together in one piece of paper and a fourth book wrapped alone, then all held together in the same ribbon. Good. They'd wrapped Beowulf separately, I thought.

Well, yesterday morning, I unwrapped my pack of 3 books I'd picked out, and Beowulf was in there. Darn it, Jason got one of my books. Of course, they couldn't have given him The Secret Life of Bees or my nature essays in Wild Thoughts From Wild Places. Oh no, they had to give him the pink leatherbound The Bad Girl's Guide to Getting Personal.

It was the best thing ever.

Anyway, I opened up the very last present under the tree, and it was a gorgeous new laptop. For me. I couldn't believe it. I've never had a nice laptop of my own, and I've never had a brand-new computer of any kind. It's a little Vaio with a fantastically beautiful LC display, and a Centrino chip, which means it has very long battery life (around 5 hours) without having a big battery, so it only weighs 4.2 lbs...perfect for packing around. The keyboard is easy to use (I'm using it now) and the built-in speakers are surprisingly good. I love it.

I'm trying to think of a name for it.

Anyway, I took some digital pictures of Jason in the shop today (for his Senior Project Notebook) and taught myself how to upload them to my laptop, and Dad and I spent several hours getting all the promotional junk off the laptop and loading stuff like Microsoft Office (it came with a trial version only), my antivirus software, some music, some graphic programs, startup cop, and rearranging everything to my liking. I like a clean desktop. If only I could figure out how to delete Windows Messenger off the face of the earth.

I also figured out how to make my laptop display a 24-hour clock. :D

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This is a general SMITE for all the Semester at Sea students posting about TV in the MSN forums, wanting to know if they'll get American TV on the ship, because they can't miss their weekly shows.

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