August 2nd, 2005


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I'm back in Seattle now. For a week. And here are some random thoughts.

*When I park my car in an unsecure-feeling area, I make sure that it's locked, put my CD's and stereo out of sight, and then I engage the emergency brake. Yes! This will stop them! Dork.

*I was a good helper at the Herbarium yesterday. I helped the visiting scientist get set up, let him use my own gazetteer book, and called around town to find one for him.

*I'm a werewolf today.
Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

*I really need to wash and wax my car, but I don't wanna.

*My car is using up a lot more fuel than it should lately, which worries me.

*What's with all the racoons lately?

*Man, I haven't gotten a letter from Tyler in forever. And he'll probably send my upcoming mail (Friday!) to Seattle. Just as I leave. Dang.

*If the postal service denies Navin's packages AGAIN, there'll be killin'.

*Wheat's real pretty when it's golden.

*You know what I want? I want a library. At my grandparents' farm in Elma, my grandfather had turned a sitting room off the kitchen into a library with a desk and comfy recliner, by screwing shelves and shelves and shelves right into the wall, floor to ceiling, and covering them with books. It essentially replaced any decor in the room with...thousands of books. Man, that would be AWSM.

*I wish I was a better dancer. But my singing is coming back.

*My pierced ear is a little itchy, but not painful. COULD IT BE HEALING?

*I should figure out my icons, now that I have a permanent account.

*Actually, I should figure out my CLASSES, since they start in 3 weeks. ::sprays self in face with seltzer water::

*I think I want to do my Ph.D abroad.

*I miss Semester at Sea. I reminisced with Katie a few days ago, and now I have this strong urge to show everyone my pictures and give away presents and watch the voyage video (which I don't have yet).

*I haven't had a sonic toothbrush for a month now (smashed), and I'm not used to a regular brush. I keep cutting up my gums for some reason.

*I had a nightmare last night that we lived in Puritan times, and my mom was going into labor, and the town matriarch was coming over to help, but since my Mom had had 3 kids already, she was secretly going to kill the baby and sterilize my Mom, and I was too afraid to tell her. I woke myself up. This after two separate dreams that my Dad died of a heart attack in front of me, no matter how hard I tried to save him. I don't like the conclusions of either of these.

*My neck hurts, so I'm signing off.
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