January 11th, 2006

Chicken On My Head

Bad grad student. No biscuit.

The good part of my first day of school is that I attended a lecture that included both the words "asshole" and "white-coated whores."

The bad part of my first day of school is that I got my ass handed to me by my advisor for being away the whole Christmas break. As it turns out (nobody ever told me this, nor was it printed in our handbook), grad students aren't supposed to have the whole break off...we go home for the holiday and then get back to work pronto. I'm really upset, because now the department head is also mad at me, and I come off looking like some airheaded party animal, when all I was doing was resting up at home during break, like I have every year in school since I was five years old.

I'm really ready for school to not be my life anymore.

Also, if WSU starts on Monday, and you have a class at WSU on Tuesday, maybe you should come back to school before Wednesday.

::headdesk:: ::headdesk:: ::headdesk::