August 11th, 2006


Stop trying to be my friend.

If you are not at least 20 years older than me or have not known me for at least 3 years, do not call me "sweetie." This especially applies if you are several years younger than me, and are trying to sell me clothes*.

Also, if you work at a grocery store, and I am paying with a credit card, do not pause to scrutinize the receipt for several seconds before handing it to me with a perky "thank you, Miss Brumble!" Nobody calls me that. If you actually knew me at all, you would call me by my first name, like the pharmacist in the back (Wayne) does. Do not pretend familiarity. Just give my my receipt and my goldfish crackers and leave me be.

*Furthermore, do not point out items in the store and gush about how great they would look on me. I am a timid clothing shopper, and you will scare me off to a store where I can browse quietly. Also, I am not fooled, and I know you work on commission. Go away. I will ask for your help when I need it.
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"This clearance rack ain't big enough fer the both of us."

shaylith and I have invented a new game.

It is called "Sundown at Ross."

The rules are thus:

1. Go to a Ross clothing store with a friend and stand in adjacent aisles, preferably in the women's discount section.

2. Find a hideous item of clothing. Be prepared to justify your answer.

3. When both of you are ready, yell "DRAW" and hold up your hanger.

4. The person with the ugliest item of clothing, which must be mutually agreed upon, wins a point.

5. Game concludes when you are bored or thrown out.
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Match Girl

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shaylith and I are hanging out in One World Cafe right now, listening to a band. We just finished a couple games of Munchkin (1:1), a cup of hot chocolate (mine), a cup of delicious chai (hers), a mozzarella plate (mine), and a chocolate chip scone (hers). And the cafe is cozy, and the couch is comfy, and all feels good in the world.

::happy sigh::
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