September 2nd, 2006

Sierra Night

I am...

...happy that UI now has a center for Sustainability.

...angry that the paper not only misquoted one of the leaders, but reused the misquote from an article in April (wtf?).

...sad that I feel so alone.

...happy that tomorrow is my day off.

...sad that the season is winding down before I am ready.

...happy that I have people who care about me, even though none of them are here.

...sad that I feel like a social misfit.

...sad that the wildfires in this part of the state are so big, and that Moscow is so full of smoke that I can't see Moscow Mountain, only 8-10 miles away.

...sad that my samples in the lab stubbornly refuse to be sequenced.

...afraid of what my advisor thinks of me.

...afraid of what I will do for my ConsGen project if I have no data.

...afraid of how I will do with my ConsGen presentation/discussion next week, which is an hour and 15 minutes long, and is 40% of my final grade.

...afraid of what Jack will say if I tell him I lost his syllabus and need a new one.

...afraid that Katy will not approve my study plan.

...afraid that I will not graduate.

"through calm or gale, through bilge and barnacle"

I was looking up info on the Neptune Ceremony/Crossing the Line Ceremony (Tyler and I are both Shellbacks) and holy crap, I found a Neptune Wedding Ceremony.

I wouldn't...

...would I? love you more than treasure, to protect you from shark and pirate...Collapse )

And, oh yeah, WE HAVE A DATE. I will be a married woman as of July 26, 2007. Which reminds me, I have a deposit to mail. I also did this thing:

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