December 20th, 2006


Who says you can't go home again?

Sunday: Cleaned house (washed and put away all dishes, cleaned fridge, filled dog/bird food and water, changed sheets, vacuumed, cleaned fridge, watered plants, watered Christmas tree, cleaned toilet), packed, and drove home to Seattle with Tyler.

Monday: Christmas shopping with Mom. Got some things I needed for gifts, and totally by accident, found two clothing stores around Alderwood selling some great clothes at steep discounts. Got $200 worth of awesome shirts at Mervyn's for $75, and two beautiful shirts at a little boutique store (Jane-something). I alternately thought of bluemoonshark, shaylith, and naturalmother as I was finding all these things I thought they would like.

Tuesday: Discovered that there had been a critical miscommunication with Pam about a project I was doing for the herbarium, which involved some changes needing to be made to a photographic document. Took Mom to the doctor while Pam tried (and succeeded) getting into my office, but she did not have my flash drive, and there was nobody at my house in Moscow who could send me the document from my desktop. Having no other options, drove all the way back to Moscow. Fixed document and submitted it to copy center.

Today: Picked up documents from copy center. Delivered them to Important People. Met with Pam. Drove back to Seattle.
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