January 28th, 2007


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I've had an exceptionally great week. Let's review:

1. I gave blood (I always find this immensely satisfying)

2. I got my book shipment from Amazon (mmmm)

3. I started sequencing a new locus, and have not had a single problem with it since day 1. I finished the sequencing yesterday, and I know it worked. Now I just need to find out if it's polymorphic (oh please, oh please).

4. I went to pilates twice, and did my ellipticals twice (I need to do more, but it's still a good start). My aerobic exercise has been really great lately. I'll get to the end of my workout and just don't want to stop. I don't even feel tired. I'm tempted to block off some time and see how far I can go.

5. Class was good. My lab on Monday was actually fun...manipulating phylogentic trees for fictional organisms, using characters and character states that we defined ourselves.

6. Got lots of kudos in the herbarium

7. Cort helped me clean out the lab on Friday, which was huge. There were piles of stuff everywhere, from all sorts of finished projects and broken machines. I couldn't clean out the lab alone because I didn't know what's valuable and worth saving, what's broken, what's trash, what belongs to current students, and what belongs to students who have long since graduated. We got rid of old keyboards, empty boxes, outdated tubing, broken glass*, bottles of oil**, bottles of broth, bottles of mysterious fluids (I washed glassware for an hour), old phone books, old catalogues, glass beads, and a doorbell. And we're still not done. We're going to tackle the chemical hoods next week. I am thrilled...it's so clean and tidy now. I also bleach-washed all the dusty surfaces so they're glossy and sterile.

8. I went to pick up my new game at Safari Pearl, and found that my new Penny Arcade book (The Warsun Prophecies) had just arrived the day before. Bonus! The card game is Give Me The Brain, about a group of zombies working at Hell's fast food restaurant, who have only one brain to pass around while completing their tasks. Tyler and I played it last night, and it is fabulous.
Tyler made me quinoa last night, with lots of spinach and mushrooms and broccoli. Yummmmm.

9. I feel like spring is coming. I don't know why, but I just feel like I can just barely sense that it's on its way, from someplace extremely distant. Last year, Moscow had barely leafed out by mid-May...it was very depressing. I've just felt really hopeful and positive all week.

*Two glass plates used for pouring thin acrylimide gels, cracked down the center, placed neatly in a box, labeled "BROKEN," and put up on a high shelf. WTF?

**Fun fact: before PCR tubes came with lids, you'd add a drop of oil to your solution to seal the top and keep the reaction from evaporating during the thermal cycling. Neat.
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Hey shaylith, Safari Pearl is having a big Buffy party sometime soon. Seems that they're going to make an 8th season of the show, only in comic book form.

Thought you'd like to know.
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Eureka, perhaps.

I have a great idea for a website, assuming it hasn't already been done (and if it has, tell me). I don't have the knowledge or resources to do it myself, but I hope someone will.

Basically, I want it to be like the book recommendations section of Amazon, but for movies. By ranking your movie tastes (how much blood and gore you can handle, how much slapstick comedy you can tolerate, how much happy endings, good animation, or intelligent plots matter to you), or assigning scores to movies you've seen based on how much you like or dislike them, the engine would then recommend rental titles or current in-theatre picks.

I don't have a TV, so I'm out of the loop on previews, and I've lately discovered that previews don't help me much anyway. In some cases, they make a mediocre movie look great (Big Fish), and in a few cases, they make a great movie look totally unappealing (like Lilo and Stich, or The Emperor's New Groove). I don't need to know if the movie got 4 stars, Best Screenplay, or two thumbs up. I need to know if I would like it. It doesn't do me any good to hear that Children of Men is a great movie (which it is, by all accounts) if it's so violent that I walk out scarred and weeping. And let's face it, some of my favorite movies were not critical successes, and rightly so (::cough, cough, Surf Ninjas cough::).

We all have different tastes. I've disliked some very good movies, and almost missed some great ones because I had misconceived notions about them. I also have a very hard time choosing movies at the video store.

So, how do we create this?
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