March 17th, 2007


The Small Stuff (Wednesday)

Mom and I spent this day doing a little of this and that, but we mostly took it easy. She got her nails done, I stayed home and made phone calls. I also did some housing research, as Tyler had been offered a job in North Bend and we were having problems finding an inexpensive place to live (read: no pool, spa, gas fireplaces, views, high ceilings, or clubhouse). Very limited success.

When she got back, we made a trip down to Third Place Books, where I picked up one book and put two more on hold (a book on the Skull and Bones secret society, and Orwell's 1984...I don't know why I love dystopian fantasy). Then we got Indian food, went home, and watched the second Bridget Jones movie, which we both agreed lacked narrative. I did more internet research, played Kingdom of Loathing, and called it a night.

Wedding Frippery (Thursday)

I started off the day with a pedicure, courtesy of my Mom, which was really nice. Immediately afterwards, we left for a haircut/style appointment. I needed a trim badly, and we also wanted to mess around with style ideas for the wedding.

The washing and trimming was pretty standard, but because Kim was going to style my hair, she decided to blow dry it. I never have Kim blow dry my hair (because I don't care if my hair is wet), and I never dry it myself because I can't be bothered. I take my shower in the evening, towel-dry a little, go to bed with wet hair, and it's mostly dry by morning.

Well, Kim discovered that day that my hair does NOT like to be blow dried. It's very thick and fine, and the process of drying and fluffing, which was intended to make it loose and curly, turned it into a poof well worthy of the 1980's. Kim desperately tried to tame it, but with limited success. Well, lesson learned.

The style we liked the best was a very simple crown of braids over my tiara, with some loose curls down my back. I wound up with massive Ren Faire Haire...blonde, big, curly, loose, and windswept looking. If I have hair like that on my wedding day, I'll need to ride down the aisle on a unicorn.

After the hair, Mom and I decided to drive down to Gold Bar to get a better idea of the town. I wanted to know if there was a good grocery store nearby if we needed ice or something (yes), and if there was a craft store if we needed balloons or more decorations on short notice (yes). I also wanted to scout out potential places for pretty pictures of Tyler and I off-site. We asked around and found a nice spot with river access, just two miles east of town. It has a little sandy beach on the Skykomish, with blue river rocks and a pretty backdrop of mountains and an old train trestle. I think it's good photography fodder, spadoink.

The interesting thing was that because I had another wedding dress fitting that night (the lining layer, and the first fitting with the real wedding dress fabric), I wanted to keep my hair in the style we'd played with that morning. So I pumped gas in Gold Bar, walked by the river, and meandered through the craft store in my sparkly jewels, big hair, and tiara. I looked like I'd escaped from a pageant.

While Mom and I were in the craft store, being idle, I came around a corner and something immediately grabbed my attention: an arch trellis. It was made of metal pipes, but painted to look like bamboo (pretty convincing from a distance). It was pretty and graceful-looking, and I thought it would be perfect as a wedding arch...just put some flowers and cedar branches on it. I put it on hold.

Traffic was getting bad, so it took Mom and I a little while to get home. As soon as we got back, I hopped in my car and drove to Carolyn's for the second fitting. The dress looked pretty good, although it's very early. Carolyn had also redone the embroidery design on the bodice for me. Her original design had been a colonial design of berries and vines with some clumpy fleur-de-lis that I didn't much like. When I paged through her design book, I came upon a design of lily of the valley. Not only was it prettier and more natural looking, but lily of the valley is my birthflower and I love it. Carolyn had redone the sketch in just a couple of days and I loved it.

I think that was it for Thursday.

Last-minute stuff (Friday)

None of the stuff I did today was planned more than 24 hours in advance, so I felt a bit frantic today.

I was awakened by a phone call from Tyler, because we needed to talk about his job propositions for the summer. He had more than one offer, and because it meant we'd be living in different places, we spent a lot of time discussing the pros and cons, and what it meant for the future. We finally made a decision, but that's for him to share.

Immediately after, Mom and I had a tax appointment. I was officially booted from my dependent status for the year 2006, because I turned 24. Luckily, my taxes are pretty simple, and Miranda was happy that I've been contributing to my IRA. Good stuff.

We went home, and then I got right back in the car alone. I dropped off a package at the UPS place for Dad, and then headed off to an appointment with a second caterer. I wasn't impressed with the food we tried from the other caterer on Tuesday, so I decided to meet with another one, and this one already had several recommendations behind her.

I liked this caterer much better. She was much more professional, meeting me in her office (attached to the kitchen) instead of a Starbucks. This caterer would also bring all the rental stuff (linens, dishes) themselves, along with the food, rather than having a rental company deliver them separately the day before and pick up the day after (much more expensive). Interesting twist: caterer #1 showed me prices that showed the china/glass flatware being 10x more expensive than plastic ($5 vs. $0.50). Caterer #2 showed me prices that said the china/glass flatware costing exactly the same as the plastic.


Caterer #2 promised to talk to the cooks and come up with some good vegetarian suggestions. Both caterers are now writing me a proposal, so I'm curious to hear what they come up with.

Stopped by Sky Nursery on the way home to see if they had trellises made from real bamboo. No dice.

When we got home, I bundled Mom into the car and we went to a doctor appointment. Mom's been having bad back pain for several weeks and it just ballooned into something exponentially worse today. The doctor prescribed some muscle relaxants, and some painkillers if we needed them. I hope they work.

On the way back, we took Dad's elephant jar to the coin-counting machine. Dad saves all his change in a glass jar that looks like an elephant, and he said I could have the money if I took it in. I'd avoided it in the past ever since they started charging steep fees (9%), but upon looking closer, I found out that they don't charge fees if you pick a gift certificate instead of cash. I picked an Amazon gift certificate, and between Dad's coins and my own two stashes (a dish in my bedroom at home, and a salsa jar I'd been filling since my first year of college), I made over $100 for free books. Wheeeee!

Went to the pharmacy, pretended to be Mom, got her perscriptions. Went home and relaxed for the rest of the evening. Mom and I tried to watch Monsoon Wedding, but lost interest. Oh well.
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