March 25th, 2007


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Last night: dreamed about being in Jamaica and all of my travel partners dying horrible deaths (Jamaica looks a lot like Lake Forest Park, by the way)
Night before that: don't remember
Night before that: Falling off buildings

On a lighter note, I've come across two ways to make the Garfield comic strip funny.* The first is to read the comic without any of Garfield's dialogue. When Garfield doesn't speak, he gets to actually be a cat, with cat-like reactions (staring and saying nothing), and the comic becomes much weirder and fun without the stupid remarks. And sometimes it's just a sad guy talking to his cat, which is still better than the original.

The second way is to use the Garfield Strip Randomizer, which has a bank of all the panels used in the Garfield dailies and randomizes them into a three-panel strip. It's very surrealist, it is consistently more entertaining than the original, and about ever 10 or 15 tries I get something really great.

Now back to CLUSTALW and GenBank...

*I really liked original Garfield when I was a kid, but I lost interest when he stopped being a cat or saying or doing anything new. Now the strip is drawn by cartooning armies at PAWS inc. and is specifically prohibited from saying anything interesting or relevant in the interest of being acceptable to the largest possible demographic and maintaining the highest possible marketability. Bleh.
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I'm sitting on my bed, downloading 18S sequences from GenBank.

Tyler comes in, musing about wanting to go on a run. But his running pants came out of the washer about an hour ago and they're not dry yet, so he's swinging them around to try and dry them faster. Back and forth, round and round, black Capilene fabric.

I switch my music playlist from South African piano to Cirque du Soleil music and vocals.

He leaves in a huff.
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