March 28th, 2007


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Well, I put my neck on the block.

I emailed Committee Member today. I relayed what I'd done, my concern that I didn't know where this was going, and my need for some concrete goals. I included some personal details* that I probably should not have, since it will be very easy for him to throw it back in my face and say "that's not my problem."

I also emailed him .pdf documents of three papers I found, one with a very well-resolved molecular phylogeny of Betulaceae, and the other two with phylogenies for my genus Alnus. There is nothing I could do with the time or money I have left to contribute anything new to those findings.

Now to see if I get my head bitten off.

Also donated blood today, which always makes me feel better about my life. The bike ride home should be interesting.

*such as the fact that I was hoping to finish my lab work in May because that's when my salary here ends, and I was hoping to move to Port Angeles and get a part time job so I could eat and bathe (I didn't say it like that)
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