April 9th, 2007


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I actually forgot it was Easter today until about lunchtime. It's the first time in my life I've done absolutely nothing for Easter at all. I stayed inside and studied for my last exam (coming Thursday).

Instant hilarity: we have a few birdfeeders fixed to the deck outside for the occasional quail horde, and the squirrels will often raid them for sunflower seeds. Today, the indoor cat (not let outside on account of no claws) was let out on the deck to sunbathe, and spent the day lounging right between the birdfeeders. No birds came, but a squirrel sat in a nearby tree for a good three hours and barked at him, trying to get him to move off. Phytt just ignored him.

Later on, Phytt moved into one of the huge terra-cotta flowerpots that's resprouting last year's catnip, and lay there in a happy stupor for the rest of the afternoon. It was awesome.

I finished Eragon this weekend and was highly disappointed. It's extremely derivative if you've just read ultra-bestselling fantasy, and I can only imaging what fans of Anne McCaffery-type books must have thought. Plus, it was boring. It was like Fellowship of the Ring up until the Council, when all the hobbits do is walk around and occasionally run from a bad guy. Note to aspiring sci-fi/fantasy writers: read this list. Learn it, love it.

P.S. The cliches I am most annoyed with include: anything that's the last of its kind, one-dimensional bad guy is bad for no reason other than that he's bad, greenhorn protagonist starts taking charge immediately even though he has no idea what's going on, all major female characters are Mary Sues, rebel minority overthrowing an evil empire, and violence, extremely long travel periods (like 75% of the book) or battle scenes as a replacement for actual plot.

Also, dialogue as a vehicle for "here, let me explain the plot."

If anyone wants to hear my rants on the Summer Tree trilogy and why they are also huge LOTR ripoffs, let me know.
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One more thing.

To everyone who thinks that global warming is wrong because it happens to be snowing where they are at that particular moment:

1. Climate =/= weather.

2. Air carries more moisture (and therefore more precip) when it's warmed.

Thank you.
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1. Incredibly windy and gusty outside today. It's a weird feeling to get out of the car and have the wind blow your hair straight UP for a while. Digression: I actually got caught in a dust devil once. It was very exciting. Then I had to walk around and pick up all my stuff.

2. Big test stress.

3. Talked with shaylith today. W00t!

4. We had an awesome thunderstorm this afternoon...dark yellowish clouds, hail, cloud lightning, all the good stuff. I love storms so much. I was stranded on a computer doing the Systematics Lab that Wouldn't Die* at the time, but it was still very very cool. I'd never seen hail coming down at a distance before, and it was beautiful...like streamers.

5. Wanna see the scariest photo retouching site ever? I got to the 6th girl and had to quit.

*The first half of the lab assignment, which wasn't even being graded, involved us using trees we'd done in lab weeks ago, which weren't on the lab computers anymore, so everyone had to do them all over again. We weren't told we'd need them in future labs. This is extra hard because we're using a command-line version of the program, so order of operations counts. The second half of the lab, which IS graded, didn't work. I gave up after two hours and went home. Also, we're all greatly disgrunted that the font in the command handouts (Courier) makes a 1 indistinguishable from a lower case L. This has proved to be a big problem in the last few labs. Soon, soon I shall graduate.
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