June 22nd, 2007


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*Approval from Committee Member #1*: Check

*Approval from Committee Member #2**: Check

*Approval from Advisor***: Check

*Herbarium hours complete: Check (in two hours)


Tonight, I pack. Tomorrow, I go to a nudist colony (again). Sunday, I'm coming home.

Really and truly home. For the first time in seven years.

*Who had not read any email or handout I gave her about my project, ever.
**Who went to New Zealand immediately after I told him I needed to meet with him.
***Who is working on some samples for me, and will be buried in cookies.

P.S. I am a grad student ninja.
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I just finished uploading all my raw sequences, contigs, consensus strands, PAUP files, and Sequencher worksheets into my new external hard drive, so all my data is now saved in three places (counting my thumb drive).

I named the external drive "BabyGotBackup."
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