October 2nd, 2007

WTF Dragon

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Holy crap, I'm in a journal article!

Sources of Variation in Ecophysiological Parameters in Douglas-Fir and Grand Fir Canopies

The first author is Jesse Nippert, who I worked for as a field research assistant in the summer of 2001 (the tree-climbing job, remember?) when he was a grad student. The second author is John Marshall, his advisor, who also taught my Natural Resource Ecology class, and who also fielded a frantic phone call from my mom, who wanted some assurance that Jesse was a good person and wasn't going to drag me off into the woods and rape me. Then she started bawling on the phone about what a good daugher I was. John has (justifiably) regarded me with suspicion ever since. I am not even kidding.

I also nick liquid nitrogen from his stable isotopes lab from time to time.

It's a tiny thing...just my name among a list of others in the acknowledgements...but there's a little glimmer of immortality in a journal article.
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