November 8th, 2007


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A coworker of Ty's has taken his family to Washington D.C. for a few days, so we're housesitting at his glorious abode overlooking what is probably a gorgeous view of the harbor, the Strait, and Victoria, were it not so incredibly foggy. Also enjoying the warmth of a gas fireplace, strangely compelling French-Canadian instrumental radio, and am being largely ignored by the cats. One of them bit me for no reason, but I think we're all good now.

I am waiting for my advisor to please, for the love of everything, finish editing my thesis so I can make changes and bounce it to my committee, and am passing the time by working on my presentation for my defense and doing nervous things, like tapping my fingers on stuff or twitching my toes. Only much MORE so than normal.

I will conquer this and emerge victorious!

Lunchtime is SOUP TIME.