February 3rd, 2008

Sierra Night

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The interview last Wednesday went well. It was a long drive down the Kitsap Peninsula, then up through Tacoma, then east through the Muckleshoot reservation. I'd never been to Enumclaw before. It was okay...cold and wet for wintertime, but with the promise of better things in spring and summer. I didn't have any trouble finding the place. I feel like the interview went well...answered some personal questions, then some situational questions about how I might handle X or Y. Then the person who would be my immediate supervisor took me to her office and had me edit a business letter, which was a piece of cake. I feel like I did a really good job, and even if I don't get hired, it doesn't change the fact that I did a really good job.

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So, now I'm back in PA, working on more job applications and keeping an eye on Tyler, who's doing just fine. I applied for a great-sounding job in Klamath Falls yesterday, and it outwardly looked like I was qualified, but the application questions mostly asked about my personal on-the-job experience with statutes like NEPA and the ESA. After a long cascade of "not applicable," I'm fairly sure nobody's going to call.

My throat is sore and my right nostril is clogged and my body feels delicate and my head feels achy and muzzy. I think I'm getting sick.

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