February 15th, 2008


I would be a lazy superhero if it meant I didn't have to get up from the couch.

I have discovered a way to make two of my personal evils work together for good!

First: I am lazy. I am not lazy about exercising, but I am lazy about the work it takes to begin exercising. This was a difficult realization to make about myself, but it is true. See, teleport me onto an elliptical and I'll be perfectly happy for 45 minutes. But when I have to go allll the way to the rec center, change clothes, walk upstairs, etc...you can see where this is going. I have incredible inertia, and that inertia is usually on the couch, which leads me to...

Second: I have a hard time going to bed. This is also an inertia problem, a matter of short-term gains winning out over long term gains. Why get up and brush my teeth and go to bed when I can sit right here, browsing FARK or LiveJournal or reading (insert the latest five books I am reading). This is especially true when I am stuck in a Wikipedia vortex, which can last for hours. I am very, very bad about this.* It's gotten worse now that we have Pan, because now there is the added issue of "why get up and go to bed when there's a cat asleep on my chest?"

But now I have a way to make my inertia work for me.

When Tyler scheduled his knee surgery, we shortly became owners of one of these:

Tyler started using it for his physical therapy within hours of his operation, but when he's done, I have free access. Which means I can be sitting on the couch reading my book or watching DS9 or whatever, and be working out what is basically a recumbent bike. It's not the full-body workout I'd prefer, but it's better than nothing, and I can actually work up a sweat. Just tonight I sat down, cranked the resistance up to maximum, and decided to go as long as I wanted. Two hours later (over 30 miles, if the display is right) I decided to quit, although I could have gone for longer.


*This is also why I have a hard time getting up in the morning. Why get out of bed when I'm perfectly warm and comfortable and happy right here? This is made even harder when a) I have a very, very good mattress, b) the apartment is cold, which is often, because we're trying to keep the power bill low, c) I have had very good dreams that I am not quite done with, and d) I have no particular scheduled event that requires me to be on my feet. THERE, LJ, YOU KNOW ALL MY TERRIBLE SECRETS.
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Obligatory Cat Update

Fact: Pan has a special vocalization reserved only for hummingbird viewing.

And now...

How To Play Ramencat

1. Obtain a flat of ramen noodles (cardboard with shrinkwrap).
2. Puncture shrinkwrap on one end and remove ramen packages, leaving plastic and cardboard mostly intact.
3. Place box upside-down on floor (cardboard up, plastic down)
4. Watch cat enter hole in side.
5. Observe the box lurching around the floor.
6. Enjoy!

Duration: 3 days so far.
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