March 27th, 2008


oh noes!


Last week, I noticed that my left knee (not the knee I had surgery on) was a little stiff and sore whenever I straightened up from a deep knee flex, like squatting down on the floor to pick up cat toys. It was like that all week, but didn't give me any other problems. Then Tyler and I spent a lot of the weekend on our feet, walking around.

Monday morning, my knee had swelled up like a balloon. It was so stiff that I couldn't bend it past 90 degrees, and if I sat down with my feet on the floor (like on the toilet), the pressure made it feel like my kneecap was going to come off. I responded in the best way I knew how...anti-inflammatories, rest, elevation, and icepacks. I tried wrapping it, but it got painful after a few hours and I took the bandage off.

Two days of lying on the couch with my leg on a stack of towels and an icepack on my knee, and I was no better. Nobody in Port Angeles could see me until next week, so Tyler and I drove to Seattle today and saw an orthopedist. He gave me a knee brace and drained HALF A LITER of fluid out of my knee. So now my knee feels and looks a whole lot better.

The scary thing is that he commonly sees this reaction with minicus tears.


Actually, being poor, needing to move out of our apartment, and probably moving to a remote wilderness ranch is probably the worst possible time. If it was just inconsistent pain, like with the minicus tear in my other knee, I could deal with that. I can't deal with a fat knee that doesn't bend.

So, I really really REALLY hope it's not that. I really hope it was a strain and that my knee's just temporarily angry. I'm going easy on it for a week, but if it reinflates, I need to get an MRI and make some serious decisions.

Like, how I can get knee surgery on very short notice, manage to pack up my apartment on crutches and heavy painkillers and not really lift anything, and take an extremely painful hit to the savings account.

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Although despite my last post, Tyler and I did have a really nice weekend getaway and I'm feeling a lot better, emotionally. I've accepted the ambient chaos and I'm much less stressed.

I'm not a COMPLETE mess.