April 10th, 2008


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Job applications are in. Phone interview is tomorrow evening.

I drove to Seattle last night so I could get an MRI this morning. My knee swelled up again after Tyler and I did some pre-ranch shopping at REI, Costco, and the bulk food section of Central Market last weekend. Plus, I was tired of being so worried all the time. I'll have to find the money somewhere.

The MRI showed nothing wrong except a very minor miniscus tear, which wasn't too surprising. It's tiny enough that the orthopedist thinks surgery is not advisable, which is just as well. He took more fluid out of my knee and also gave me a corticosteroid shot under the knee, which should reduce the swelling and inflammation.

I don't take the idea of steroids lightly, but my methods of practically constant resting, icing, elevating, and taking 9 Advil a day were clearly not working very well. I feel a bit like my knee was in anaphylactic shock, and I just used an Epipen. Again, there's no pain in my knee at all...all the problems are caused by the inflammation, which results in swelling, which results in immobility.

He also told me I shouldn't lift heavy objects. My timing is unbelievable.

I spent a few hours hanging out with my aunt and uncle this afternoon, including dinner. It was great. I miss them a lot. It also doesn't hurt that I've been depressed and jittery lately, and my aunt is a life coach.

Tomorrow I have a few more appointments, my parents come back from LA, and I go back to Port Angeles for the interview.

Solving my brother's Excel homework problems makes me feel like a superstar.
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