June 10th, 2008


Pan Update

I called Arnold Aviation, and they called the vet to make sure he stayed open a little late for Tyler and Pan last night (they touched down at about 5:05 yesterday). Here's the scoop:

*Pan's lost 5 teeth; both canines, two uppers, and one lower. His molars are fine, so he can still chew okay. He just can't be as bitey. There were no broken roots, and he got some stitches in his gums.

*He hadn't lost enough blood that he needed an IV, but he had a fast heart rate. The vet gave him a painkiller and Pan seemed a LOT better right away. He also had to be sedated and intubated for the work on his face.

*One thing we didn't know yesterday is that Pan had also broken his jawbone, right in the middle at the symphysis under his chin. Luckily, it wasn't a bad break, and the vet fixed it with a wire. We'll take it out in 6-8 weeks if Pan lets us.

*He got some stitches in the gash on his hind paw, and the vet treated the toe the same way you would a human broken toe--tape it to your other ones and let it heal on its own. He'll have a bandaged paw for a while. If it fixes itself, great. If not, he'll get that toe removed.

So, Pan's camped out at the vet's office for a few days, and Tyler will pick him up before they fly back in on Wednesday. In the meantime, Tyler will be running errands in Cascade...getting groceries, visiting the hardware store, picking up a new rod for the mower, and checking a dead Lewis' woodpecker for West Nile. You know, the usual stuff.
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