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The Golden Woodpecker

Okay, granted, it's a weird title. It's also justified. At the house meeting a few hours ago, Katie, the hall president, announced a hall competition that had been going on for the past few weeks...and she hadn't told us, because she feared for our conduct.

Keep in mind, we've gotten in trouble with University Residences for harassing the elementary school kids at their bus stop across the street. The guys' defense? "They started it!"

Anyway, the deal is this; there's a golden, two-foot tube circulating the halls right now, with a stuffed golden woodpecker on the top. The woodpecker has to be kept in the main meeting area of the hall in plain sight. Other halls then attempt to steal it. It's been circulating for two weeks now, and whatever hall has it at a certain time next monday gets some prize. Something to do with DVDs. At the time of the meeting, it was rumored to be in Steele House (a 30 second walk away).

Eric and Brandon, being who they are, promptly decided to go after it. I had to pick up some papers from someone in that house (it's all-girls), so I offered my assistances as a blind, and Eric promptly declared "Operation Trojan Horse". As it turns out, they were still having their meeting when we arrived, so we sat in their entryway like shmos for 20 minutes before we found our it had already been stolen ("the monkey has flown the coop!").

We went back to the house, picked up Cassie and Aaron, and all piled in my car to drive to Wallace, the largest residence on campus (but a good distance away). We split up into teams and searched every single meeting room in the building (about ten, over 4 wings worth of 20 floors total). No dice. Cassie and I looked together under the pretense of looking for some guy. We considered stealing the banner out of Carter hall, but decided against it. A little underground spying said it had been taken earlier by a group of girls headed East. Theopolis Tower.

So we went to the Tower. Checked the meeting room on every floor, then up the stairs to the next floor. About 12 floors of this. No dice again. As we left, Brandon, in desperation, asked the information desk if they'd seen it.

So yeah, it's been a crazy evening. Dancing class was good, though. It was mostly review of East Coast Swing and boogie-woogie (Tyler and I agreed that we don't much like the boogie-woogie, but ECS is fun). I finally feel like I'm getting some of this stuff. I danced with 4 really good guys, 1 guy with limp arms and really sweaty palms (I kept slipping), and one complete boor. He made fun of other dancers, didn't pay attention, did the wrong moves because he wasn't paying attention, swore loudly, and attempted to do all these fancy-upper body movements that got in the way of actual dancing. By the time he swung me backwards and ended up really twisting my arm, I'd had enough.
Naturally, I had to dance with him longer than anyone else. Bugger it.

Think that's about it for now. Check back later for updates.

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