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Prepare for Grump, shipmen!

The first thing Mom said to me this morning was "this day is going to suck." I said that that wasn't a very nice thing to assume so early in the morning.

I had to get up a little early this morning to take Jason and I to get our Santa pictures at the mall, with Papa. I blasted Jason out of bed and made him shave, somewhat. Mom was in a bad mood because she was having all 4 kids over for babysitting today, including the baby, Sierra.

I drove Jason and I to the mall. He fought my brushing his hair, but I won. I ordered two picture sets, returned Nana June (Mrs. Claus)'s scarf that she'd mistakenly left at our house, and we got the pictures taken and left.

Then I drove us up Lake City Way, over to I-5, and down to REI. Jason needed a new pair of pants, and I wanted to try to find some convertible pants for my trip, since the ones I have now are terrible for the following reasons:

1. They chafe.
2. They're noisy.
3. They're too thin.
4. They're size 14, so they balloon out and drag on the ground.
5. The butt's covered in black pitch stains from sitting on logs or the ground.

I tried on about 12 different pairs, and finally decided on a pair that I liked. The fabric is softer and they fit me much better. Jason found a pair of pants he liked as well. Happily, I found a pair of sunglasses that I liked, so I bought them. I've desperately needed a new pair for about 6 months, since my last good pair died last winter and my last bad pair died a month or so ago. They're hard to find because I like a certain style, but the earpieces in that style tend to pinch my head too tightly and give me headaches. The new pair doesn't. Also, I have a bad track record with sunglasses, so I'm hesitant to get a nice, expensive pair. I was looking at around $20. My new pair was $18, and although it's not the style I like, I do look a bit like Trinity from The Matrix. I also checked to see if REI could fix a problem with my Chacos' webbing. They couldn't, but it should probably be okay for Semester at Sea. The track record has been great, considering I've worn little else for 2 and a half years.

While at REI, I also took Jason to World Wrapps. He bought a wrap for himself and Ilana, I bought a wrap for myself, a steak Texas BBQ wrap for Dad, and a Teriyaki chicken wrap for Mom. Plus, a smoothie each for Jason and I. I saved half of mine for Mom.

Then I drove us down to Virginia Mason and took Mom's glasses in. She was taking a shirt off yesterday while her glasses were on and, inexplicably, the nosepiece snapped right in half. I took them in for repair, but it turned out the titanium can't be repaired, the warranty has run out, and the frames aren't made anymore. They're doing a warehouse search to try and find new frames now.

And then, after that, I drove Jason to Ilana's house in Bellevue. Her house is 26 miles from ours, off 520 not far from the exit to Stacey and Devon Stovalt's house. However, while their house is close to the highway, Ilana's is on the other side of many long, stoplight-studded streets running around the Crossroads Mall complex. It took us about 20 minutes to drive the last few miles, and another 30 for me to drive back. It was the sort of thing where you wait and wait and wait for the long stoplight to turn green, but once it changes, you can't go because of all the cars backed up from the stoplight ahead of you. Whatever. I finally got home at 2:00.

I got the mail and dragged myself into the house with the REI stuff and the food. Surprisingly, I was still in a good mood, which quickly changed. Mom and Dad did not say thank you for getting them dinner. Mom did not say thank you for saving my smoothie for her. She asked what kind of wrap I got for her. I said. "Teriyaki chicken." She said, "oh, I like the Thai peanut chicken." I said "well, I'm sorry, I didn't know." She said "that's the only kind I get." I said "I didn't know."

I ran them through everything I'd done. Mom was sad that the glasses couldn't be fixed. She asked to see my new sunglasses that I liked, and then said that they sat too high on my face. I finished my emphasizing how hard the whole drive had been all day, and how tired I was. Dad promptly asked me to drive down to LFP mall and buy birdseed. I asked him if it could wait until tomorrow. He said "no."

So I got back in my car and drove to the mall. I got a 20 lb bag of birdseed, and also a little block of suet and a suet cage. Then I drove back home and carted the bag up to the shop. Dad said "can you put it in the jugs for me?" (we store the seed in gallon milk jugs, and one jug exactly fills the empty feeder). I said "yes, but can you help me?" He said "no," but did help me after I gave him an astonished look. We started funneling the bird seed into the jugs, which took a long time because sliced nuts kept clogging the funnel. Then he was mad because I bought a birdseed with nuts in it, which would attract squirrels. I'd simply bought the "no mess blend" (i.e. will not sprout), which I discovered this summer, but didn't notice the nuts in it. The kind I bought before didn't have nuts. Dad was also mad that we got some seed on the floor, which I swept up. I also filled the feeder, got the suet in the cage ("what the hell is that?" Mom said), and got it rigged up with a chain for the roof.

I just walked by Mom again and she said "this day sucks." I'm so pissed off. I've spent my entire day running all over Seattle doing stuff for other people (which I was HAPPY to do), and all I've gotten are complaints about how what I've done is wrong, or not good enough, or how bad everyone else's day has been. Nobody ever thanked me for anything. The only reason I was running around today was to ease the load, to do work for other people so they wouldn't have to go out. I might as well have stayed in bed. The last time Mom said what a bad day this was, I said "I couldn't agree more," and left. I wonder if she got the message.

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