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I just started revamping my travel journal (the LostHemlock account) for Semester at Sea. Since my interests were still geared for Taylor Ranch 3 years ago, I wiped them and started adding in nautical ones. My Taylor Ranch interests were cool, though, so I'm posting them here so they're saved for posterity.

airstrips, amphibians, archery, arrowleaf balsamroot, barbecues, bats, bear bait, beau's attitude, big creek, big rocks, bush planes, c-5, cessnas, chert, chewies, climbing trees, cricket, cross-cut saws, deer, dens, digging holes, dirt, ditches, dogs, drawing, fencing, fixing stuff, golden eagles, hair snags, haying, highlines, hiking, hitching, hobbles, hot springs, howling, irrigating, manure, moose, mules, not linseeding, obsidian, packing, pictographs, pioneer creek, plumbing, rain, raspberries, remote cameras, sawing wood, shoeing, soldier bar, spelunking, splitting kindling, tack, telemetry, tracking, trail food, trails, tukadeka, water, wheat thin, wildlife 302, wolves

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