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I've been told that it's a good idea to bring small toys or candy for the children I'll meet in the ports on my voyage, and that there will probably be a collection of school supplies to donate to small village schools and orphanages along the way (ballpoint pens are apparently quite the item). So, I took my Christmas money and went to Target (where I knew I could really make my money stretch) today to buy supplies for kids...especially in SE Asia and Africa and Brazil. Here's what I got:

*3 16oz bags of Starburst candy (won't melt or otherwise destruct, minimal packaging)
*3 baseballs (no packaging, no batteries, no small pieces to lose, unbreakable)
*6 boxes Crayola crayons (24 per box)
*2 boxes large washable Crayola crayons (16 per box, good for smaller hands)
*3 6in x 9in drawing pads (50 sheets each)
*20 Papermate ballpoint pens (blue)
*30 Papermate ballpoint pens (black)
*10 Bic clear ballpoint pens (red)
*20 Bic clear ballpoint pens (blue)
*40 #2 pencils (plain wood with erasers)
*16 "glitter magic" #2 pencils (assorted colors, may be good for children of families I stay with)
*8 shiny silver #2 pencils (see above)
*8 Mead composition books (wide ruled lined paper, 200 pages, colored covers, sturdy)

It was hard to stop myself from taking stuff off the shelves...2 boxes of crayons, no, I can afford 6 boxes...well, maybe 8. I found myself getting all emotional. I mean, compared to the average citizen of the planet, I have unimaginable wealth. It all added up quickly, and I spent much more than I intended, but I feel much better spending it on this stuff to give away than on 4 or 5 DVD's.

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