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Oh, for Heaven's sake...

It's May 7th, for crying out loud, and snowing. Not namby-pamby freezing rain, mind you. Snow. It got bitter cold last night, forcing me under my quilt, Mexican blanket, chenille throw, and down comforter for warmth. When I got up this morning, the ground was dusted with an inch of snow. The sun melted it all off in a few hours, but it started snowing again a few hours ago, early this evening. Big time. The tips of the grass blades are already covered, and I had to really scrape off my car to drive Tyler home.

Keep in mind that it was well into the upper 70's last week. It's interesting...usually snow comes with some transition period, but not's warm spring, with tulips and blossoming trees. My reality got a little whiplash.

Okay, lots to write about. Everyone seems to want to hear about the Emergency Room, though, so we'll do with that.

Last Monday (April 29th), I couldn't go to class. Just not possible. It was warm out, the world was growing again, and the sky was piccolo blue. I got in the car and headed out, totally blowing off all my classes (which I never do). Drove down to Lewiston, then up back towards Pullman, then onward North to Spokane.

Have you ever seen the movie Smoke Signals? It takes place on the Coeur d' Alene Indian Reservation, which is complete bunk, because there are no Coeur d' Alene Indians, much less a reservation. Smoke Signals was based on a book by Sherman Alexie, called The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, which describes life on the Spokane Indian Reservation, centered in a town called Wellpinit (I suspect the locations were changed to avoid privacy invasion). The book is made up of a bunch of very short of which was expanded into the movie Smoke Signals. Anyway, I drove onto the Reservation, into Wellpinit. Not for any specific reason...just to go there. I bought a Symphony bar at the Trading Post. The drive was beautiful...the trees were warm and smelled good, and the hills were dotted with heartleaf arnica...eye-shattering gold. I also crossed the Spokane River at a small lower dam. Pulled the car over and walked over a bridge to the L-shaped dam, which had no fencing. The water came screaming down the slope and hurled itself upward again, rebounding over boulders before hurling into a sucking green pool below and into the river again. The mist completely soaked me. I was close enough to the water that I could have reached out with a fingertip and touched the torrent--and it might have been enough to grab me and carry me away. It was awesome...and very humbling. I miss the waters so much.

Congratulations, you are a Water Faerie! This means you are giving, helpful, sensitive and are good with healing the wounds and pain of your loved ones and friends. Water faeries love to aid others and are very good at it! Not only are you all of these things, but you are a great friend to have because you know how to make friends in need feel much better.

Got back in the car and drove into downtown Spokane. Went to the Riverfront Park and walked onto the suspension bridges that span the river, farther upstream. The falls were beautiful. If you have seen the movie, I was on the bridge from which Victor tosses his father's ashes away.

Then it was back into the car, and scurrying down to Moscow in time to be at a 3:30 meeting for Field Ecology (I'll be taking the class at Taylor Ranch, so I have to stay an extra week...oh darn!) On the way, I got stuck behind a big truck carrying a load of chemically-treated bark. I don't know if this was the cause or not, but at some point during the trip,. I started having trouble breathing. Nothing too serious, but I felt as if I simply couldn't get a good, full breath, I couldn't inflate my lungs all the way.

I met Tyler for dance later that night (I hadn't told anyone I was going to skip town, and didn't explain myself), and the problem hadn't stopped. At this point, my body wasn't getting air enough to feel right at all...I was woozy and had a headache, and all my muscles felt as though they'd been through a hard workout. My pulse was racing. I went though the class (preparing for the final), but I had to rest a lot.

Tyler came back to my room afterwards to hang out, and make sure I was going to be okay. We had dinner and watched A Bug's Life, and by the end, decided it was time to go to the hospital.

Which Angel would you be?
Angel Falls

They couldn't find anything wrong with me. I was hyperventilating, but my blood oxygen level was fine, and my heart and lungs sounded healthy. My blood pressure was 30 points higher than normal, but still not into a dangerous level. My pulse was high, but not dangerously so. A pulmonary specialist came and checked my exhalation strength. She said it was fine, even though I checked the chart later and my level matched that of a 60 year-old. -_-

Went back to the house and got some sleep. I felt fine in the morning, so I don't know what the deal was.

Darn it, I have so much to write. I'm too tired now, though, so it'll come later. Night, everyone.

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