Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Request for help!

Hey, everybody. I have two things I would really love some help on.

1. My Dad is configuring one of our old computers downstairs to run solely out of a DOS shell so we can play all our favorite DOS-based computer games from days of yore...King's Quest 5, King's Quest 6, Freddy Pharkas Frontier Pharmacist, etc. We really want to install Monkey Island 1 and Loom, but we can't find our old CD's. Does anyone have a CD we can borrow, or get a downloaded copy off the net for us?

2. At this point, both my Japanese families have written back and want to see me in Japan. SCORE. However, most of you know that the Japanese are really into gift-giving and I want to bring some things over for them. So far, I've got some really pretty colored foil-wrapped chocolate salmon, and a box each of smoked Copper River salmon (which I think they'd really enjoy). I'd really like to bring them more stuff, though, and I can't think of what. I'd like it to represent Seattle or the northwest in some way, but nothing prohibitively expensive. Ideas?
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