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The Scheme
I still want to bring more stuff on SAS to donate, especially in India where it's needed most. I collected a lot of crayons and pens and pencils and different kinds of paper, so I'm good on that. Now I'm focusing more on hygiene. I collected about a dozen toothbrushes from around the house, and a ton of travel-sized soaps and shampoos. I still need lots of travel-sized toothpaste, and the other items listed as needed in India included aspirin, children's cough medicine, calamine lotion, and cold medication.

The Pitch
If you are interested, I would be happy to be a courier for any goods you wish to donate (see list above). If you have extra toothbrushes or paste, or have $5 to spare on 2 bottles of aspirin, I'll take it to India and donate it on your behalf.

The Hitch
SAS has sucked me dry (like an anopheles mosquito) and I have no money to spare right now. None. Therefore, if you want to donate anything, you can't say "oh, put me down for 3 bottles of cough syrup and I'll pay you back next week." I can't do that. I would LOVE for you guys to donate, but if you want to do that, you need to get the items OR the money (I'll shop for you) in my hot little hand by the end of the week.


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