Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

Will someone from Das Haus please pick this up and post this in Der Community? :)

Hey, everyone. I was hoping to come over and hang out at Das Haus one more time before leaving on my trip, and troglodyteking wanted to get together to visit and play Munchkin once more, so we decided to lump it all together and crash Das Haus with Munchkin this Saturday afternoon/eveningish. I think we've mostly gotten permission, so I wanted to alert all Hausmates to our imminent presence, and to invite you all to play Munchkin with us (or watch and mock) if you are so inclined. I'll bring cookies, and you'll get a chance to slay the Gazeebo. What could be better?*

Thanks! We'll see you on Saturday.

*slaying two Gazeebi, obviously.

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