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A week ago, in this post, I put out a request for donations to fund the purchase of medicines and like products to be donated to clinics, orphanages, and families in India, Vietnam, South Africa, and Brazil. llellewyn and authorcarmen answered, and here's what their money paid for.

*1000 tablets asprin (325 mg)
*36 chewable children's asprin (cherry)
*6 toothbrushes (to be donated in a pack)
*5 small tubes Colgate toothpaste (with sporty green stripe, to be paired with toothbrushes I already have)
*36 anti-diarrhea caplets
*2 bottles Children's Sudafed (nasal decongestant, 118 mL, grape)
*2 bottles Children's Sudafed (cold & cough, 118 mL, cherry-berry)
*24 chewable Children's Sudafed (nasal decongestant, orange)
*1 bottle Robitussin infant drops (coughs, chest congestion, 30 mL, fruit punch)
*2 tubes triple antibiotic ointment (28 g)

It's a lot, and I went over my limit by $15, but I paid that out of my pocket and got it anyway. It was already hard enough to put back some of the stuff I didn't end up getting, like more asprin. I mean, I have so much wealth at my fingertips (in a comparative sense), how can I scrimp on this to save money for cheap souvenirs later on? I bet giving this stuff away will be the best souvenir I have.

Thank you VERY much to llellewyn and authorcarmen. >makes a deep, solemn curtsy

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