Pacifica (autumnwinds) wrote,

I'm back in Seattle for week or so.

::happy sigh::

It's still really nice here. The lupines I planted are in full bloom, and I think our Japanese snowbell will kick in any day. mountain_child is with me, and we enjoyed a nice evening of watching the rain last night. Today, we went to Flower World with Mom and came back with the car so full of plants that we had flats on our laps, got Thai food, and went to see Star Wars. It was incredibly sad in parts (I didn't feel any emotion with Padme, but the scene with the kids in the Jedi council room killed me), but very good. Well done. Then we made some awesome quesadillas.

I wore my Jedi cloak and carried my lightsaber. :)

During the preview for a movie called "Stealth," I'm 99% sure there's a clip showing a temple I visited in Vietnam, which made me sqeal even louder than the preview for the Narnia flick.

I am now drinking green tea out of my favorite South Africa mug.

Semester at Sea sort of hit me in the face last night. I got in bed in my room, and suddenly realized I was home, and not on the trip anymore, and it seemed so close and yet so far away. I've just felt like I'm back in my normal life, but all of a sudden I have these experiences in my head that don't fit there. My room is totally the way it was...except for my new bedspread from India, or this rock from Africa...and so on. And I laid there, thinking that I was in the rainforest in Venezuela just a matter of weeks ago, and I wanted to cry.

I'm not putting this into words well at all, so I'm going to stop.

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