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The last few days have been somewhat less than good, and therefore, I spew my angst upon you, the readers. ABSORB MY WOES.

1. Sunday. Was okay. Tyler left at 0430 and I felt I had the right to be pouty and sad, so I lay in bed most of the day, ate incrediby fatty things (like cookie dough), watched the pouring rain, and read the last of a book I really didn't like very much (INCEST AAAAAGH). It was very self-pitying and nice. I snuggled with my new duckie blanket that Tyler bought me in Seattle.

2. Monday. Was okay. I slept in a bit and then went in to work at the Herbarium. Handled a data request from UW. Pam wasn't there, so I talked to her when she called from home, since I had some important questions about my job there. It turns out that the good news is that my hourly summer wages will not come out of my school year salary, so it actually IS worth my time to work there this summer. The bad news is that although I got the position I wanted, which was supposed to pay $1,000 more than it did for the last graduate student, it now pays $3,000 less. I feel bad about complaining about it, because I'm lucky enough to have few expenses and because I already make more than Pam, the director, earns. But jeez, $4,000 lost. There's been entire summers when I've earned less than that.

I went to the post office and mailed my graduation announcements, got fruit at Otto's and groceries at the Co-Op, which always makes me feel good. When I got home, Doc and Carrie turned out to be expecting guests from the distant past to spend the night, so I helped Doc clean, made up my futon downstairs for them, picked flowers, and then washed all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen after dinner (I owe Doc and Carrie a lot). Then I baked banana muffins, and for good measure, banana bread. Tyler didn't have time to make stuff with the overly ripe bananas he got before leaving, so I'm trying to use them up.

I biked to work, and it felt good.

Also logged onto LJ at about 2300 and spontaneously snatched a permanent account.

3. Today. Slept in a bit, then went into a frenzy of emailing over the Semester at Sea vs. University of Pittsburgh thing, which depressed me most of the day. Went in to work for 5 hours and handled some data requests, and may have identified the first instance of an invasive honeysuckle in Idaho. Pam was supposed to be in today, but wasn't, due to an oncology appointment in Lewiston and a bad case of poison ivy on both arms from Sunday's field trip. Stopped off at shaylith's house on the way home, but she wasn't home. Got home and suddenly felt incredibly lonely, and have remained so. I don't know why, but I'm really in the dumps. The weather is gorgeous, I'm not in school, and I feel like I'm supposed to be somewhere, with someone.

In conclusion: wah wah wah.

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