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I am presently sitting in the Krassel dispatch office in McCall, ID, waiting for the day to start. Tomorrow, mountain_child's summer stint as a fire lookout begins on Miner's Peak, and I will be joining him there until July 12th-ish. We'll spend today running errands and filling out paperwork (he's paid, I'm a volunteer), then tomorrow we drive to the Krassel airpad out in the forest (a few hours away) and get airlifted up by helicopter. It'll be my first time in a helicopter, so I'm excited.

Tyler's lookout is beautiful, and I'm really looking forward to having some relaxing, stress-free weeks. Being on a lookout is utterly peaceful.

However, I need to come down to join my family at Sandsations in July, and because I'll miss the first helicopter resupply by a few days, I'll need to hike down. Then I'll drive all the way back, back, back to Seattle, just like I've been doing the past two days, only backwards. I think my backside is starting to assume the shape of my car seat.

It's awesome to be sitting here and hearing all the chatter from places in the wilderness that I know coming over the backcountry radio. ^___________^ Patrick's even here with his mule trailer, to pack Renee into Sheepeater lookout next week.

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